Friday, 21 November 2014

My Christmas Card class- Nov/ Dec 2014

  Here are the pictures of my recent Christmas card class.  If you paid for the class and could not attend or finish, please find the directions on my Template/ Directions page.  Five were made with the Yuletide Carol Duo, 3 were made using the Snowhaven Duo, 1 used the retired Sparkle and Shine Duo and 2 were made using just cardstock.

  My class also included the Cut Above Christmas and Holiday cards, as well as the 3 cards made from the Snowhaven Cardmaking Workshop.


  A quick overview:
  In my classes, I provide all the pieces for the cards, pre-cut.  If there are any images to be stamped with Momento ink, I do it beforehand, so the ink is well- dried (BTW, 2 of the colored cards were stamped using just the normal water- based dye ink and there were no problems).  Some 'fussy- cutting' may be required.  Generally, my classes are 'stamp and stick'.  For this reason, I will not post the dimensions of the pieces, only the general steps to make the card from the pieces provided.  If you want a copy of my card class, I can provide you with dimensions for you to do the cutting at home or I can provide you with a kit to make the cards as shown.  The kit is $45, plus shipping (within reason).  The complete instructions, including cutting layouts, is $10 and can be emailed to you.

I hope you enjoy the cards!


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