Tuesday, 25 November 2014

Apparently, I've been a little busy...

  Here are a few more Christmas cards I've made recently.  After all the cards I designed for my card class, I wanted something a little different for my own card- giving.  So I did what all crafty people do- went to Pintrest!  There, I scrap- lifted 6 or 7 cards and sat down to make them.  Then I chose 2 finalists.  After that, I received a call to create a card class for a group of young ladies (11-14 yrs old), and it had to be fairly easy.  So I sat down again and came up with another 4 cards.  Here are a few pictures:

All 3 designs totally scraplifted from some very gifted people

Either end is mine but Santa card is someone else's design

mine:  think I'll bling the upper left corner

  BTW- the finalists this year were- top row, middle and right.  I love the simplicity of the middle one but can't seem to translate or duplicate what I see;  I'm pleased with this.  The one on the right uses a stamp I've tried for years to incorporate into my stamping but have been at a loss wrt design.  I think this card- at least the original- is stunning.  That lady breaks the scene into 3 separate pcs and incorporates a sentiment too.  Check out my Pintrest, you'll find the originals there.

  The girls will make my 3 designs plus another not shown.

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