Here you will find photos of my Class projects and personal creations.  Please contact me by email if you are interested in buying complete kits or Directions for any projects.  Please do not contact me via the 'Comments' section to place orders for kits or directions.

(Nov/ Dec, 2014) Christmas card class directions- please refer to the main page for pictures of the cards created in this class.  Makes 20 cards, 8 from 3 different kits, 5 using Yuletide on Colonial bases, 4 using Snowhaven on Daisy bases (plus 6 from kit), 2 more on Daisy and 1 more on Colonial.

-Cut Above Holiday card: stamp appropriate sentiment (in Ruby) on tag. Thread Bakers Twine thru button and tie; attach button to tag.  Place blue pc 1/2" in lower right corner, centering from bottom and right edge, as shown.  Place snowman and bird stickers as shown or as you wish, attach tag also.  Silver glitter strip is centered along top of blue pc.

-Cut Above Christmas card: stamp sentiment (in Cranberry) on tag.  Attach Bakers Twine to top area of glitter pc about 1/2- 3/4" from top; use glue dots. Attach deer to glitter pc with glue dots, add red gem as nose.  Center glitter pc over white, attach.  Add tag, use 3D tape (optional).

-Snowhaven/ blue card from kit: make 2/ Daisy bases. stamp sentiment in Slate on Daisy pc, attach to Duo B pc (black).  Center Glacier pc on base and attach.  Runner Silver Glitter Trim along bottom edge of Glacier.  Attach Duo A  along left side, about 1/4" from left edge of Glacier cs.  Attach sentiment on mat, overlapping Duo A strip and Glacier, centering.  Add small Glitter tim pc to top of sentiment mat.  Add Glacier heart to lower right edge of sentiment mat, using 3D tape.  Embellish w 3 red hearts.

-Snowhaven/ Merry Days card from kit: make 2/ Daisy bases. stamp trees close to fold along top in Glacier ink.  stamp long sentiment stamp- 'be merry, be warm, etc' in Cranberry, immediately below tree image.  Stamp framed sentiment 'Merry Days, etc' in Cranberry on Daisy pc. Add small boughs in slate, inside the frame in lower right.  stamp Joy in Glacier on Glacier cs.  Attach stamped sentiment to Whisper pc.  Ribbon cut 1 end of Glacier and Cranberry strips.  Angle cut end of Silver trim.  Attach Zip strip below word stamp on base.  Attach Duo B (black) aligning with lower edge and sides, overlapping Zip strip if necessary. Attach Silver trim along left, overlapping zip strip and Duo B, to be partially hidden behind Whisper sentiment pc.  Attach Glacier, Cranberry and Silver Trim pcs, layering, on right side, to be tucked under Sentiment pc.  Attach Whisper sentiment pc overlapping Silver trim on left and hiding ends of banners on right.  Embellish with 3 red hearts.

-Snowhaven/ Love card from kit: make 2/ Daisy bases.  stamp sentiment in glacier ink on daisy pc. cut out and attach Love in Cranberry directly over glacier love.  Attach daisy pc to Whisper cs.  Random stamp 2 snowflakes in Slate on upper 1/2 of base.  Attach Duo A aligning along bottom and sides.  attach cranberry cs over top edge, at a slant, snipping ends.  attach silver trim along cranberry cs, similarly.  Attach Whisper sentiment pc, centering on base, over slate snowflakes and Duo.  Embellish w 3 red hearts.

-Snowhaven Snowman card: make 1/ daisy base.  Using Twin Touch markers, color arms, nose, hat and scarf of snowman, add eyes and buttons.  Attach Duo A pcs to Whisper pcs, centering.  Center Cranberry cs on base. Stamp sentiment strip in slate about 1/4" from lower edge of Cranberry cs. Center Duo/ Whisper pcs along left and right sides.  Center Glacier cs on Duo B, attach to cranberry, centering between Duo A/Whisper pcs.  Attach snowman and pcs to Glacier cs.

-Snowhaven/ 'Cola Bears' cards: make 2, daisy base.  color both bear images as provided.  Create snow hills on glacier cs with glacier ink, dauber and template. Create hills along upper egde and cut along, ink edge.  stamp sentiment in glacier ink in lower right corner.  attach Duo B pc to upper right area leaving 1/8" border.  Attach glacier cs similarly in lower right, overlapping duo. Attach Duo A strip along left side, overlapping edges of other pcs as needed and aligning w top and bottom.  Cut out both bear images and add to snow hills.  embellish with clear diamond in upper right corner, and 4 micro gems, on points.

-Snowhaven/ cranberry card: make 1/ daisy base. stamp snowflakes randomly in glacier ink along right 1/3 of base.  stamp sentiment in cranberry on square daisy pc, center on cranberry cs.  attach Duo B pc on left, centering top/ bottom/ left.  Add Duo A strip about 1/4" from left edge of Duo B, aligning top and bottom.  Add Silver shimmer trim along right edge of Duo B.  Center Cranberry sentiment pc, overlapping duo B and base, centering over Shim trim, opt- use 3D tape.

-Yuletide/ Wreath card: make 1, colonial base. stamp banner sentiment in Ruby on colonial strip and cut out. stamp wreath in Pear on upper part of colonial pc.  stamp pinecones in choc.  using a red marker, go back over berries and color.  attack stamped colonial pc to NEIvy pc, aligning on left, centering otherwise.  Attach Yuletide Duo A to base similarly, aligning on left, centering otherwise.  Attach Ivy/ stamped pc on top of Duo A, similarly.  Attach Red shimmer trim to center of Duo B pc and ribbon cut right side, attach 1/4" from bottom of colonial pc.  Attach ruby banner across center of wreath using 3d tape.

-Yuletide/ Holly card: make 1, colonial base.  Stamp holly in Topiary in upper left corner of colonial pc.  stamp sentiment in Ruby centering below.  center stamped colonial pc on NE Ivy cs.  Attach Yuletide Duo A to base, aligning on left and centering otherwise.  Attach stamped Ivy mat similarly, aligning and centering. diagonally cut right ends of Red trim to form ribbon cut, attach 3/4" from bottom of colonial.  Add 3 red glitter bling over stamped berries.

-Yuletide/ tree card: make 1, colonial base.  Sparingly color provided stamped image, adding highlights rather than solid color.  Add stamped image to olive cs, centering. Add ruby cs strip to right, centering along top/ bottom/ right side.  Add large ruby cs to left similarly.  Ruby pcs should not meet.  stamp sentiment in upper left corner in Choc ink. Center Yuletide Duo A on base/ ruby pcs.  Add Bronze shimmer trim 2" from bottom.  Overlay Olive stamped pc on Duo, leaving 1/2" visible on left and top.

-Yuletide/ red frame card:  make 1, colonial base.  Stamp village scene on colonial oval, as desired, in choc ink.  color slightly adding highlights of color.  Distress edges of Duo w choc ink for vintage look.  Add NE Ivy cs 1/2" from left edge of Duo.  Ribbon cut 1 end of each shim trim, add bronze 1/4" from left edge of Ivy cs and gold directly next.  Add village overlapping Ivy cs slightly. Center Ruby frame over village so also overlays gold trim slightly.  stamp mini sentiment in lower right corner in choc ink.  add gold shimmer bling- optl.

-Yuletide/ window card:  make 1, colonial base.  stamp village on Daisy square centering as desired, in slate ink.  color sparingly, adding highlights rather than solid color.  attach window frame to acetate window using micro glue dots in corners and crosses.  stamp colonial frame in choc ink on cricut shape.  stamp sentiment in olive ink inside cricut frame.  add ruby 'paneling' to lower base, leaving 1/8" border.  add Dessert sand Fundamental pc overlapping top of ruby cs slightly.  add
Duo A pc directly above.  add sentiment pc on ruby cs as desired.  add village scene centering left/ right, about 1/4" from top of Duo.  using 3d tape, place 'window' over village scene.

-Nutcracker card: make 1, daisy base.  color image provided with Twin touch markers.  Add image to whisper cs, centered.  center Sparkle and Shine Duo A (retired) on larger whisper pc.  Add ruby cs, aligning on left and centering otherwise.  add black cs along left of ruby cs, leaving 1/4"  border.  Add Whisper image pc overlapping black by 3/4", centering top/ bottom.  Add Silver trim with ribbon cut, attaching from top of large whisper cs to lay centered between edge of black cs and whisper mat.  embellish w 2 silver triangle studs in lower right corner.  attach large whisper pc to daisy base.

-Crystal Blue Angel: make 1, daisy base.  stamp angel in CB ink on daisy pc.  stamp sentiment in whisper ink in lower right corner.  add CB cs to daisy base, aligning on left and centering otherwise. temporarily place stamped image on top of CB, aligning and centering as above. mark place lightly in pencil.  remove image pc.  using pencil marks as guide, place Silver shim trim to appear as mat under stamped image.  embellish w 2 small and 1 large silver sequins in lower right corner.

-French Horn card: make 1, colonial base.  color provided image with Twin touch markers.  Randomly stamp snowflake on cs in like- colored ink, ie blue ink on blue cs, yellow ink on yellow cs, green ink on green cs.  center horn image on cranberry cs.  attach blue and yellow stamped cs in opposite corners, leaving 1/8" borders.  add green rectangles, leaving borders.  center cranberry mat on card.

(Sept 27/28, 2014)-Birthday card class directions- please refer to the main page for pictures of the cards created in this class.  makes 12 cards, 2 provided from kits, 5 Daisy card bases, 5 Colonial Card bases
Cut Above yellow and grey card- base provided from kit. Stamp sentiment on square in Pacifica ink.  Attach yellow pc to top of card, attach blue/ white stripe below yellow pc.  Attach stamped square, centering over strip.  Embellish with 2 silver triangle studs in lower right corner. Stamp used- B1467

Cut Above kraft, black and silver card- base provided from kit. Stamp sentiment in Daisy white pigment ink on black pc, leaving room for bakers twine knot at top.  Leave to dry.  Attach light Kraft piece to Kraft base, aligning along the top and centering.  Attach silver glitter pc to Kraft ribbon cut pc, centering.  When dry, tie Bakers Twine around top of black pc, end with knot, trim ends.  Attach black pc on top of glitter pc- use 3D tape/ pop dots as reg adhesive will not stick to glitter. Stamp used- B1467

Cuddly Bird-  daisy wht base. Stamp bird using Momento Tuxedo black ink to Daisy square. Allow to dry a few minutes, put rest of card together.  Attach Canary cs along right and top.  Attach Lagoon cs along right and bottom.  Cover seam with Arrow Washi tape, trim end on right edge.  Attach Desert Sand Fundamentals pc (white hearts showing) along left edge, aligning top/ bottom and left.  Color bird with Shinhan Twin Touch markers (used Y222 or P282 or PB76 or PR198)- use light strokes, don't come all the way to the black line as the alcohol ink will spread.  Attach bird square to green dot Duo (from Brushed ppk) square.  Attach along right, overlapping Washi and Canary by 1/4- 1/2" and 1/4" from right edge.  Stamp sentiment directly onto Canary cs to the left and slightly above the Bird, use Momento ink.  Embellish with 2 large Sorbet Flamingo Dots in upper right end of the Desert Sand Fundamentals pc. Stamps used- C1494, D1560, S1404, B1458

Cuddly Cat- col wht base- Stamp cat onto Colonial square in Momento Tuxedo black ink.  Stamp sentiment in same ink on Colonial scrap and cut out.  Allow to dry for a few minutes, proceed with card.  Attach olive cs on left side, leaving 1/8" around top/ bottom and left edge.  Attach Glacier cs along right side, leaving 1/8" around top/ bottom and right edge.  Attach Pathfinding  Duo pc, centering top/ bottom and side to side (Goldrush/ Champagne side used).  Attach Topiary ribbon along bottom, left to right, about 1" from bottom edge.  Color cat image, using Shinhan Twin Touch markers, with light pink in ears, brown for stripes, orange for body and peach/ lighter orange for nose.  Attach cat to Chocolate cs, centering.  Attach cat and cs in lower right corner, over ribbon, overlapping Glacier and PF duo, about 3/4" from the right side and 1/2" from bottom.  Attach sentiment on Glacier, over cat image, add 3 black dots (optl) to connect bubble sentiment to cat.  Embellish with 3 Gold Sequins in upper left edge of Olive cs, along the edge, running top to bottom in a line- used 2 medium and 1 large sequin.

Seaside, choc/ sorbet (2)- col bases.You will make 2 cards, 1 with the chocolate cs and the twine, the other with the sorbet cs and Teal Shimmer trim.  On far right of card base stamp small image randomly in Glacier ink, about 2" wide.  Attach Seaside Duo, dots up to left edge, aligning top/ bottom and edge.  Attach Duo strip, blue side up next to that, overlapping some of the random stamping.  Stamp sentiment on Colonial pc in Glacier ink- stamp towards top, center on Chocolate cs and attach.  Wrap and tie Twine around bottom and finish with knot, trim ends.  Attach this pc with 3D tape- because it is bulky with the twine- overlapping random stamping, centering from top/ bottom, about 3/4" from right edge.   Embellish with 3-5 of the Aqua dots- use large Dots, all colors.  Assemble 2nd card as above, using 2nd generation Choc ink for random stamping, if desired.  Stamp sentiment in Choc ink, using Teal Shim Trim in place of Twine and substitute large Flamingo Dots for Aqua Dots, if desired.

Yuletide typewriter (2)- col bases.  Stamp typewriter image in Choc ink on Colonial pc, Stamp sentiment on 'paper sheet'.  Adhere large pc of duo- with black pattern- onto card base, centering.  Adhere choc cs pc to right side of duo, aligning edge and centering.  Adhere strip of duo- w white pattern-  1/4" from bottom of choc cs.  Fold Bronze shimmer trim in half, rough sides together, cut diagonally along fold, removing completely to form ribbon cut.  Adhere Bronze shim trim pcs to Duo strip so only 'ribbon' part shows.  Adhere stamped pc of Colonial to right edge of Choc cs, centering.

Brushed Canary (2)- daisy bases. Adhere large pc of Brushed Duo to card base, centering. Adhere Canary cs to Brushed Duo/ Base, centering.  Stamp sentiment in Lagoon ink, placing to the right on the Daisy cs. Adhere stamped Daisy cs to Canary/ Base, centering.  Adhere Brushed Strip -diamonds showing-to card, 1/2" from left edge of Canary cs.  Ribbon cut ends of Teal Shimmer trim (optional) and adhere to center of Brushed strip.  Embellish w 3 Gold sequins.

Confetti Wishes (2)- daisy bases. Adhere striped side of Confetti Duo to Daisy base, centering.  Adhere Lagoon pc 1/4" from bottom of Duo and 1/2" from right edge of Duo.  Adhere dotted Duo strip 1/4" from bottom of Lagoon cs.  Stamp flourish image in Canary ink on left side of Daisy cs and sentiment in Pacifica ink.  Adhere stamped Daisy pc aligning with right edge of base and overlapping Duo strip by half.  Diagonal cut ends of Gold Shim trim and adhere, overlapping both Daisy stamped pc and Lagoon pc.  Embellish w 3 Gold sequins.

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