Friday, 1 August 2014

Let’s Talk About- PML

What is PML?

    PML is Picture My Life.  It's a super easy and quick way to do your scrapbooking using cards and pockets/ divided page protectors. And that's where the similarity to other cad/pocket systems end.  Our cards are so beautiful you won't want to use 14-ai-pml-z2018them!--Except for wallpapering your bedroom, maybe.

What we offer:

  We offer 13 different and gorgeous sets made up from some of our best-selling paper lines, like Partridge and Pear, Chantilly, Babycakes, Sk8tr, For Always, Avonlea, Lola, Surf's Up, Balloon Ride and Skylark and from some soon-to-be favorites Wanderful, Seaside and Chalk it up.  Each set comes with 44- 4x6 cards (2ea of 22 designs), 78- 3x4 cards (3 ea of 26 designs), 1- 12x12 cover sheet and a 10 pack of the divided Memory page protectors.  All this for just $27.50. 

Here they are: 

Chalk it up 14-ai-pml-for-always 14-ai-pml-wanderful 14-ai-pml-seaside 14-ai-pml-pear-and-partridge 14-ss-pml-avonlea

14-ss-pml-babycakes 14-ss-pml-balloonride14-ss-pml-chantilly


It not Just for Pockets Anymore!

   If you're new to the pocket way of scrappin' and worried you couldn't possibly use all those cards, worry no more!  Think outside of the pocket.  These cards are great as photo mats, journaling cards or pretty embellishments on a standard 12x12 layout.  Or maybe use them on a card.  Or maybe create a stunning mini album with them.  The possibilities are endless!  If you're interested in learning how to get the most out of your card collection, I will be holding a PML- Learn How class in the following months- check my Calendar and Classes tabs for more info.

OMG!  It’s on SALE!!

  As a super treat, when you buy any PML kit in the month of August, you have the option to purchase a second pack of the divided Memory Protectors for just $3!  That’s  $7 savings.  Just mention this Constant Campaign when ordering.

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