Tuesday, 12 August 2014

Let me introduce you to – Shinhan Twin Touch Markers

I am sooo happy that CTMH has adopted the Shinhan Twin Touch markers into the CTMH products family!! 
Shan Han The ShinhanArt Company is a long- established company (over 20 years) that specializes in inks for artists.  The Twin Touch are dual- tipped (fine and chisel), refillable alcohol markers that have replaceable tips.  They offer seamless color blending.  And they're odorless (at least it’s not very strong like other markers), for anyone who finds markers irritating to use because of the strong odor.  CTMH carries 24 colors, including  skin-tones and neutrals, plus the colorless blender. 
As the Shinhan Art Company is a separate company from CTMH, the marker colors are not an exact match to our proprietary CTMH colors but a ‘best match’.  See the chart below- Thanks to Card monkey for providing it.
ShinHan Touch Twin Marker Colors Compared to CTMH
Just visit Pinterest for a vast number of beautifully- colored images.  For project ideas and marker techniques, you can visit TwinTouch.blogspot.com or Youtube.   Check out my Artwork tab to see what I’ve done.

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