Monday, 5 January 2015

NEWS FLASH!!- some Retiring stamps

Here's the latest news!  The following is a list of stamps that will be Retired FOREVER as of the end of January.  If you want ANYTHING on this list email me ASAP or place an order thru my website.  They do not appear in the current Annual Inspirations but can be found on the website.  Once these are sold out, they are GONE!!!!  (and don't forget- extra Hostess creds!)

A1124 A Tree
A1139 Congrats Graduate
A1141 Be Still
A1154 Friendly Thoughts
A1156 Flower Confetti
B1418 Love Doily
B1423 Hoppy Easter
B1439 Dreamer
B1440 Fancy Fair
B1441 Buggy Love
B1444 Greatest Love
B1445 Happy Hive
B1450 Owls
C1571 You're the Best
C1573 Do Your Best
C1574 Believe in Yourself
C1577 Mother's Day
C1579 Coming Up Roses
C1583 Robot Family
D1547 Paper Doll
D1579 Windy Day
M1035 Newlyweds
M1036 Perfect Polka-Dot Day
M1037 Balloons
M1038 Shooting Star
M1039 Good Job Stencil
M1040 Parasol
M1041 Hi
M1042 Colored Egg

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