Friday, 20 March 2015

I'm Baaack!

   Hi there, I know I've been absent recently (think revolving door of colds and illness for the last 3 months) with the exception of my post for the Make It Crafty Blog Hop this month- but I'm ready to get back into things.

   A lot has been going on in the CTMH world, we're about to see the end of the Seasonal Expressions 1 cattie and the beginning of the Seasonal Expressions 2 cattie, on April 1st.  If there's anything in the SE1 marked by a little clock that you want, you have until the end of March to order, after that they are gone!!  Anything not marked with a little clock will continue to be available.

   I really think you'll like the  SE2 cattie.  It's got a couple of SUPER-cute papers, including a Boy ppk!!!!  Can you tell I'm a little excited by this?  While Blossom is a really nice paper and I know will be very versatile for both scrappin and card makin, I really LOVE the Jackson ppk!!  It's got blues and red- brown and blue-green and has a very masculine feel to it- and it's always hard to get a nice masculine ppk.  It just screams guys and camping and the cottage and outdoor pursuits.  I might have to redo my elder son's school photo- we had it taken w a forest background but I think it will really be set off  nicely by the Jackson colors and patterns.

   Speaking of my son's school photo, I have it already scrapped using the Chalk It Up ppk.  This is a layout I'd love to share with you in a class.  The class includes not only this layout but also one using the Seaside ppk- great for those Summer in the sun or beach picts (ribbon and Cricut cuts are included in the cost and Complements  and Picture My Life cards sets are available to order).  Dates and times- March 27, 28, 29 and April 10, 11 and 12- friday evenings, sat morning or afternoon and Sun morning or afternoon, your choice.  The cost for the 2- 2pg layouts is just $15.  I can send this out as a kit, but cost will be $15 + postage.  Please let me know asap if you're interested, I'm keeping it small, to just 4 per time slot. 

Here's picts of the layouts (I have pink paper covering my son's pict and his class photo, it's not part of the layout):
   Chalk It Up!


See ya soon and keep scrappin'! 

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